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Dusan Stankovsky

Dusan Stankovsky MA, prominent pianist, corepetitor, teacher, music adaptor.
           After graduating from University of Music Arts in Bratislava in 1962 he taught at the Conservatory in Zilina, later at Pedagogical faculty in Trnava.
           In the years 1982-1983 he taught and led concert corepetitions at Music and Balletschool in Baghdad (Iraq).
           Since 1984 was the teacher and corepetitor at University of Music Arts in Bratislava.
           In 1983 he worked as opera corepetitor in Izmir (Turkey).
           Except for pedagogical work he has been engaged in concert activity. He has given concerts in many European countries and in the USA.
           Nowadays he continues to be invited to many important international competitions, music courses and for his highest slickness is sought-for partner at concert stages at home and in abroad.
           As he is a prominent artist in classical art, as well in the field of all other musical genres, he is also a great pianist of so called parlor type.
           Apart from concert activities he still teaches. He privately teaches piano and gives piano corepetitions which allow musicians prepare for musical recruitments, competitions, concerts and so on.
           He is able to interpret his music program at social events on portable electronic piano, synthesizer, when there is no piano in the room.
           Moreover he cooperates with his daughter Andrea Stankovska-Hallon, who is a pianist and flutist, and they together make an irreproducible flute duo.

Important concerts:

  • Review of Slovak concert art.
  • A concert tour with the soloist of the Slovak National Theater Fr. Zvarik in Switzerland in 1990.
  • A concert tour in Slovakia with black American singer Vivian Martin.
  • A concert with the soprano singer Dominique Blier (Canada) in Palfy Palace on November 5, 1996.
  • A concert tour with the Violin orchestra Bratislava in USA.
  • A concert tour with the Symphonic orchestra of J. Strauss in Spain in 2000. The conductor Robert Stankovsky, soloists O. Beracinska - soprano, O. Klein - tenor.
  • A concert "Romantic conversation" with the duo of singers: France Duval - soprano and Bruno Laplante - baritone (Canada) in Music hall of the Bratislava castle on March 24, 2000.
  • A concert in chamber Spa hall in Trencianske Teplice on March 9, 1998. Soloists Alina Mnuskina-Gurina (mezzo-soprano) from Russia and G. Belacek (bass-baritone).
  • Opening of the 5. year of Days of Slovak Culture in Moravska Trebova on May 29, 2000. Soloists M. Babjak - baritone and R. Sasina - contra-bass.
  • Summer festival in Bekescsaba (Hungary) in 2000, soloists E. Horna - soprano and P. Subert - baritone.
  • Concerts in the House of Slovak Culture in Prague.
  • Trnava music spring 2001 "The evening of opera and operetta melodies". Soloists Masami Sato (Japan), Őzay Gűnay (Turkey), Heinz Rank (Austria).
  • A concert in Gallery MIRO in the church of holy Rocho in Prague on January 29, 2003. Soloists: Professor Eva Blahova and M. Vojtko.
  • Concerts in spa and curative centers - Piestany, Trencianske Teplice, Sliac, Korytnica, Lucky, Bardejov, Vysoke Tatry and other.
  • Educational concerts for schools.
  • Occasional activities:

  • Music to listen to and creating pleasant environment at different social events - receptions, banquets, anniversaries, etc.
  • International singing courses:

  • Piestany: piano corepetitions in classes of Obrazcova, M. Hajossyova, E. Blahova, P. Mikulas, M. Benackova.
  • Baden bei Wien, Internationale Sommerakademie Prag - Wien - Budapest. Piano corepetitions in the class of Professor E. Blahova.
  • Jaromerice nad Rokytnici, Master singing courses in the scope of International music festival of P. Dvorsky. Piano corepetitions in the class of Professor E. Blahova.
  • International singing competitions:

  • An international singing competition of A. Dvorak in Karlovy Vary.
  • An international singing competition of W. A. Mozart in Prague.
  • An international singing competition in Barcelona.
  • An international singing competition of M. Schneider-Trnavsky in Trnava.
  • An international singing competition of Fr. Lehar in Komarno.
  • Music cooperation and piano improvisation in literary-musical programs:

  • Slovak Prometheus (Poems of P. O. Hviezdoslav, performed by V. Zaborsky, D. Lasciakova).
  • From Tatras to Danube (J. Valentik, D. Lasciakova).
  • Tears and smiles - life and work of M. Schneider-Trnavsky (E. Blahova, J. Ozvat, M. Dosekova).
  • Crystal rose - Podebrady.
  • Life and work of J. A. Komensky (H. Michalikova).
  • A. S. Puskin and Russian romance (E. Blahova, J. Ozvat, M. Dosekova).
  • Fate enchanted in tones - life and work of F. Chopin (Vl. Rusko, senior).
  • Poetic evening with J. Pantik.
  • From life and work of the Capek brothers (J. Rozsival, V. Obsil).
  • Music production in a theatre play Contrabass. Performed in Bratislava, Vienna and Paris.
  • Activities apart from concerts:

  • Recording and adapting Christmas songs to audio cassettes and CDs with D. Lasciakova and H. Hulejova.
  • Recording of musical and film melodies with the Bratislava Violin Orchestra.
  • Textbooks for university students at Pedagogical Faculty, major music education:
    • Methodical choice of the curriculum to study playing the piano at pedagogical faculties. Published by Pedagogical Faculty, Comenius University in Trnava in 1975.
    • Piano arrangements and piano songs for grades 3 -9. Published by PdF-UK in Trnava in 1977.
    • Folk songs in piano arrangement for elementary schools. Published by SPN in 1976.
    • Arrangements of operetta melodies for instrumental ensembles.


    Wide repertoire is manifold, it comprises of compositions classical, original and interpretations, solo compositions popular, famous opera arias and songs from operettas or musicals, evergreens and also popular-dance compositions.

    Audio extracts:

    Andrew Lloyd Webber:
         MEMORY / Musical "Cats"
    3,428 MB
    (3,39 min)

    Emmerich Kalman:
         Come beautiful Varazdin / Operetta "Marieta"
    1,054 MB
    (1,07 min)

    Robert Stolz:
         Waltz / Operetta "Two hearts in 3 beat"
    2,138 MB
    (2,16 min)

    Fryderyk Frantiszek Chopin:
         Waltz c#
    3,194 MB
    (3,24 min)

    Camille Saint-Saëns:
    2,414 MB
    (2,34 min)

    Johannes Brahms:
    0,793 MB
    (0,50 min)

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Photo: Lubomira Petrova

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Photo: Family Album
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Photo: Lubomira Petrova

         Dusan Stankovsky

          Mobil:  ++421 908 772 658
          Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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